Revitalizing branding and volunteer information website for MACCOP Kenya

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About the Client

Maasai Community Concern & Children Programme in Kenya was founded in 2009 with the vision of building an educated and developed Maasai community.

Project Summary

We offered pro bono services to rebrand, design and develop a custom website to attract more European volunteers and donations to the Kenyan initiative.
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Lead graphic showcasing website landing page

MACCOP Kenya came to Craft Applied requesting support to better attract volunteers and financial support to their non-profit initiative. Daniel Pariken and Claire Renn had achieved great success to date, however understood the need to leverage an online presence to raise the organisation’s profile further.

After agreeing to engage in a non-commercial capacity, Craft Applied’s initial efforts were to first understand the MACCOP organisation. Our discovery was conducted via a series of interviews with the team. We then conducted full technical and creative audits of the existing brand, materials and website.

Refreshing the branding concept

Showcasing legacy logo against revised logo

The legacy MACCOP logo-mark captured an identity with meaning that strongly represented the Maasai community. While we wanted to respect this legacy, the design didn’t stand up to modern usage across digital channels. Our creative team were challenged to respect the original logo, while strengthening and modernising the execution.

Our first drafts were well received, as we retained the established structure and colours, but introduced a thick black stroke to build more solid foundations to the most delicate elements of the logo. Multiple shield designs were explored in collaboration with the Maasai community, until a favourite was agreed upon by all!

We then rolled out an adaptive logo-mark that scaled depending on usage.

Showcasing brand at different scales

With a solid creative foundation established, we could develop the other brand components.

  • Co Text for headings and Effra for paragraphs, both by Dalton Maag, maintaining a humanistic and friendly character while being highly readable.
  • Established brand colours of scarlet, sky blue and black. The three are equal in prominence and are used interchangeably throughout the website.
  • The photography of the MACCOP team and people of Maasai should deliver a welcoming and positive spirit, whilst capturing the ongoing hard work.
Montage of website screenshots

Building the website

With the branding established, we began work to design and create an improved website. The original was constrained by its platform on a site-builder and so we recommended a new build on the WordPress Content Management System.

Some of our leading design considerations were to deliver dynamic content that showcased active projects and recent achievements from the Maasai community. Our aim was to have content better represent what prospective volunteers and donations would directly be contributing toward.

The overall aesthetic leveraged the same principles defined by our branding phase: bold application of bright colours across a clean, confident and functional design. This included generous application of photography shared by the MACCOP team featuring projects, volunteers and leadership. Custom graphic designs helped signpost key information for site visitors.

We created detailed Volunteer and Sponsorship portals to reflect these leading initiatives, while we documented community activities through the Projects, News & Media, and Blog sections. We utilised WordPress custom post types and the Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin to achieve this.

Showcasing website portal and content pages
Well organised information, with clear sign-posting and strong call-to-actions to drive engagement

What our client said

I had gone to Kenya to do some volunteer work for 6 months with a Maasai Community and a local based charity organisation called MACCOP (Maasai Community Concern & Children Program), one of the objectives was to look at how we could increase interest from volunteers and how to promote future projects. The current website they had was dated, uninspiring & lacked information.

We worked with Craft Applied and in July 2018 I was able to go back to Kenya and launch the revamped website and on behalf of the Maasai Community, we couldn’t be happier with the way the site turned out. They took the old website with old information, outdated graphics, fonts, logo, etc. and transformed it into a modern and fresh site that is much more attractive and really stood out. The company were so supportive throughout the process and made what seemed like an overwhelming project very possible.

Now MACCOP have a website which presents all the information clearly for volunteers about the project and what to expect, we can continually update the site with new project opportunities for volunteers to get involved with, as well as uploading regular photos and the ongoing work being done with the aim of benefiting the community and providing sustainable living conditions. It has proved to be a fantastic platform to promote the work being done by the local Maasai community and volunteers.

Craft Applied are an incredible talented team, they are very professional but at the same time very easy to communicate with – just a real down to earth, genuine company who are clearly passionate about what they do.

Claire Renn, International Volunteer Coordinator