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About the Client

EnergeiaWorks have established themselves as the premier renewable energy recruitment firm in North America. They work with the top professionals in solar, wind, energy storage and smart grid markets.

Project Summary

We have collaborated closely over the past five years to deliver a wide scope of work, including extensive branding, multiple public websites, social media marketing, and internal tooling.
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EnergeiaWorks had been trading for approximately two years when William Liuzza and Darren Barklie first met in New York City in 2013. As a fledging webdev freelancer, Darren defined the early EnergeiaWorks’ branding and website to give the company a professional digital foundation.

The two companies have continued their collaboration to place EnergeiaWorks as the leading clean-tech recruitment company in North America. Much of the company’s growth can be attributed to their keen adoption of web technologies and a sustained digital marketing outreach.

Website Design and Development

Showcase EnergeiaWorks graphic

Our early adoption of the WordPress Content Management System afforded the company a solid foundation on which to dynamically display the latest jobs and company offerings to prospects. Strong copy and a continued content strategy proved to strengthen the domain’s strong Google PageRank that helped EnergeiaWorks lead the pack to this day.

v1.0 (2013)

Our v1.0 website was built on WordPress 3.5, launched back in 2013.
Our v1.0 website was built on WordPress 3.5, launched back in 2013.

The website has had three major overhauls throughout our engagement. The first iteration was a multi-page site mirrored the company’s growing ambition by demonstrating extended industry knowledge across wind, solar, energy storage and smart grid sectors.

It adopted responsive web design best practices as mobile phones began demonstrating exponential growth as web browsing devices of choice.

v2.0 (2016)

The v2.0 website served for four years and received incremental extensions through its lifespan.
The v2.0 website served for four years and received incremental extensions through its lifespan.

To reflect the organisation’s foothold in the industry and continued presence at nationwide events, we refreshed the website to include many more dynamic data points including Upcoming Events, Latest Hires and Hot Jobs. A blog was later introduced to showcase industry knowledge and encourage repeat visits to the site.

v3.0 (2019)

Our first release of 2019 was the EnergeiaWorks v3.0 website, a complete rebuild on WordPress 5.
Our first release of 2019 was the EnergeiaWorks v3.0 website, a complete rebuild on WordPress 5.

Following the company’s continued growth, it was important to ensure the site stayed at the forefront of web development trends. The foundations of the site were updated to incorporate Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment best practices to allow for rapid updating and extension as required. We also migrated to Google Cloud Platform, as a modern host that boasts industry-leading attitudes to sustainability and went 100% renewable in 2017.

The latest iteration of the site further enhanced its SEO performance, ranking even higher on Google’s first page. We extended the site to boost a full calendar of industry Events, as well as an improved Blog sections , Press Releases section, and enhanced biographies for the recruitment team.

Branding Identity Design

Branding presentation

The EnergeiaWorks brand has evolved and matured with the company over the years. Our initial contributions were quite reserved with simple blue and grey tones, basic typography and a strong reliance on stock photography.

Today’s branding is on the forefront of creative trends, using a playful illustrative style to represent the key business offerings and interpersonal engagements of searching and hiring, while the baseline logo and typography continue to be well-recognised.

Digital Marketing

We have developed an extensive cross-platform marketing strategy to maximise outreach and encourage audience engagement and conversion. EnergeiaWorks remain actively present at industry events across the United States, with a full calendar of events running in parallel with the curated Renewables UnWind clean-tech networking series.

EnergeiaWorks monthly newsletter
EnergeiaWorks monthly newsletter

We deliver a range of promotional assets for distribution via email, Eventbrite, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Campaign designs are frequently produced as print materials as required.

Client testimonial from CEO of EnergeiaWorks

Darren is a highly talented up-and-coming web designer with the an impeccable work ethic and thirst for knowledge. During the rebranding and redesign of energeiaworks.com, we faced many technical obstacles, all of which were solved by Darren. In addition, Darren also brought many creative ideas to the table that we’ve incorporated into our design. He has the rare combination of technical and creative abilities, and I’m extremely proud of the website.

William Liuzza, CEO